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As the capital of the Western Province and the second largest town in the Solomon Islands, Gizo evokes vivid memories of the heavy fighting of World War II. Stories abound about the rescue of John F. Kennedy, who later became President of the United States, the PT 109 crew as well as the fierce aerial battles over Vella Lavella. It is one of the most visited regions in the Solomon Islands.

Although not large, Gizo Island is your traditional South Pacific island. The main street of Gizo town runs along the waterfront lined with small stores, restaurants and an open-air market. This is a great base to explore the Solomon Islands on active adventure trips like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea kayaking, mountain biking, trekking and more.

The equatorial climate is relatively consistent and humid year round. The average daytime temperature is 28˚C and the water temperature is about 29˚C. Although seasons are not pronounced, June through to August is the cooler period. The north-westerly winds of November through to April bring more frequent rainfall, however it is rare to get more than 2-3 days of rain in a row. A gentle south east trade wind prevails from April to October. November has the least amount of wind.



Gizo is renowned for having the most diverse and exciting diving to be found anywhere in the world, from World War II wrecks to numerous offshore reefs, spectacular coral formations, plummeting walls, manta rays and an abundance of marine life.

Visibility is usually 20 meters plus and troublesome currents are rare. Depending on the dive sites you may stay out for lunch at one of the many islands such as Kennedy Island.

Water Temperature


Dive Season

Year round diving available.

Dive Highlights

Toa Maru
A 135m Japanese ship lying on her starboard side. Sitting in 10-37m of water, this dive site is worth several visits as you can explore the ship’s holds containing ammunition, saki bottles and even a two-man tank.

Plum Pudding Island
Historically interesting as the late U.S. President, John F Kennedy and his crew of the PT 109 were shipwrecked here.

Grand Central Station
If its underwater action you need then this is the place. The most northwestern tip of the Gizo islands is the merge point for oceanic currents and its here where the fish life, big and small, is at it’s best. Large soft corals and fans adorn the walls while sharks; trevally and bat fish patrol the waters. A relatively easy dive for all levels of experience and there is no need to go deep to see all the activity.

Hot Spot
This small pinnacle, one of our discoveries in 1995, comes up to 5m from the oceans depths of 300-400m. On the swing of the tide, pelagic’s come into feed on the shoals of bait fish that congregate in and around this off-shore dive site. It is also the home of the most interesting pink iridescent anemone.

American Corsair Fighter Plane
The pilot of this plane crashed into the sea at great speed and the aircraft is in five recognisable large pieces around the 27-metre level. However the attraction is not only the wreck but also the fantastic marine life on or around it. The reef slope back to the boat is interesting and has its own attraction in a bommie called clown fish city at the safety stop level.

Other Activities

Snorkelling & Beaches
There are a number of great beaches and picnic spots.

All surf breaks in Western Province break on coral and most require a boat to get to them. The best time to surf is November through to April.

Reef and deep-sea fishing are available with dedicated guides.

Culture Tours
Full or half day cultural trips are available. Bush walk, climb the volcanic crater, kayak, snorkel, beach comb, visit cultural shrines and villages.

History tours
Visit a Japanese gun fort, see an American tank and partially submerged wrecks. Visit Kennedy Island where US President JF Kennedy was shipwrecked during WW II.

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