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Micronesia is a group of islands spanning a huge region of the Pacific Ocean. Some areas are peaceful and remote, others bustling and modern. You're sure to find a destination suited to you and the kind of diving you want to do.


The islands of Micronesia are situated north of Papua New Guinea and to the west of Hawaii. Micronesia is made up of more than 2,000 islands that were first settled about 3,000 years ago by seafarers who travelled across from South East Asia.

The eight main island groups that form Micronesia include: Guam, The Republic of Palau (Belau); The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands; Pohnpei, Yap, Truk (Chuuk) and Kosrae which make up the Federated States of Micronesia; and The Republic of the Marshall Islands. Each island group has its own unique cultures, language, history and attractions. Although the landmass of Micronesia is just 702 km² it’s islands are spread over 7.4km² of ocean. To put this into context this is like having the CBD of Canberra spread over the whole of Australia. Inhabited areas consist of local villages that have maintained the traditional and cultural way of life, with few modern day facilities. There are also the more upmarket, resort areas of Guam and Saipan offering luxurious accommodation, entertainment attractions and great shopping.

The islands and atolls are the culminating result of volcanic activity, which took place millions of years ago. Many of the islands are the summits of huge underwater mountains or rims of sunken volcano craters peaking through the water surface forming tropical lagoons.


Micronesia has some of the most uniform year round temperatures in the world, with an average temperature of 27°C. The lowest rainfall period is normally experienced between January to March.

We recommend taking light, casual clothing. However please be aware that the countries culture and religion call for a more conservative dress code. Please take this into consideration if you are planning on participating in above water activities.

Type A and B
Palau is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); Guam, Chuuk & Yap are 10 hours; and Pohnpei & Kosrae are 11 hours ahead of GMT.
The water is safe to drink in major hotels and resorts, however it is always best to drink bottled water. A jug of drinking water is often supplied and bottled water is sold everywhere.



The majority of visitors come to snorkel or scuba dive. The fish life, corals and the many wrecks from World War II make the area one of the world’s leading dive destinations.

The majority of diving in Palau is drift diving along the channels, walls and coral gardens of the outer reefs. Sharks, schooling pelagics, WWII wrecks, snorkelling Jellyfish Lake and kayaking among the Rock Islands are the key reasons why divers love Palau and do not hesitate to come back time and time again. December to March is the best time to dive the glassy waters of Palau and will most likely give you the best chance to dive the waters of Peleliu State.

Truk is indisputably a Diver’s Mecca, suitable for both novice and experienced divers. Featuring an entire WWII Japanese fleet which was sunk by the US, and with over 42 diveable wrecks to choose from, many divers have made multiple trips back to Truk Lagoon to revisit favourite wrecks as well as new ones they haven’t had the chance to see.

Kosrae offer uncrowded reef diving with is clear, clean ocean and extraordinary coral reefs that completely surround it. Currents are mild and visibility amazing, making Kosrae very conducive to underwater photography and for novice divers.

Pohnpei is surrounded by a barrier reef with many passages that exit the lagoon into the open sea and therefore offer uncrowded current & channel dives, walls and drop offs.

Yap offers uncrowded reef diving, caverns and swim throughs with consistent manta ray sightings year round.



Dive Season

Diving available year round

Dive Highlights

Countless wrecks of Truk Lagoon, Jellyfish Lake of Palau and spectacular biodiversity country wide


Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon
Stradbroke Island - Manta Lodge
Lady Musgrave Experience
South West Rocks Dive Centre
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions
Huskisson Bayside Resort and Dive Jervis Bay
MV Odyssey - Rowley Shoals
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