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The ultimate South Pacific destination for your next Dive Adventure. Relax by the sea, soak up the sun and plunge beneath the waves to see beautiful sharks and intricate corals.


The volcanic islands of Fiji lie in the South Pacific Ocean approximately 4 hours by plane east of Australia in between New Caledonia and Western Samoa, east of Vanuatu and west of Tonga. The island group consists of some 333 islands, of which only 110 are inhabited, and 522 smaller islets. The two largest islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu make up 87% of Fiji’s total land mass and houses about 90% of the population.

Fiji is home to blue-green lagoons, lush tropical rain-forests, pine forests, mountains formed by dormant or extinct volcanoes or from limestone and coral islets and 1,666 kilometres of white sand beaches scattered across 709,660 square kilometres of ocean.


Fiji has a tropical climate with two seasons. The dry season, or Fiji winter, extends from May to October. Temperatures in the dry season are around 25˚C during the day, dropping to 19˚C at night.

The wet season, or Fiji summer, is between November to April when rainfall and humidity is substantially higher. Most rain falls in sudden tropical downpours, normally during the mid-afternoon. The seas are generally calm, however tropical cyclones can develop between December and April. Temperatures range between 22˚C at night and a constant 31˚C during the day.

We recommend light, casual clothing. Remember to dress modestly outside of your hotel or resort, particularly when visiting villages or shopping in towns. It is advised to cover up during dawn and dusk to avoid mosquito bites.

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Tap water is safe to drink in Nadi, Suva and mainland resorts. Outside these areas bottled or treated water is safest.



The coral reefs surrounding the Fiji Islands abound with a wide variety of marine life. The world’s second largest coral reef is located in these waters. Brightly coloured soft corals, yellow and red gorgonian fans, a myriad of small tropical fish, tunnels, caves and spectacular drop-offs await the visiting diver.

Dive sites vary from shallow lagoons, suitable for newcomers to the sport, to sheer walls and pinnacles for the more experienced divers.

Fiji enjoys the tag “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, and is deservedly rated as one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world. The coral formations attract a wide variety of marine life, including large schools of small tropical fish, making Fiji a great location for underwater photography.


Dry season; 24˚C – 27˚C. Wet season; 27˚C – 29˚C.

Dive Season

Diving available year round

Dive Highlights

Known as the soft coral capital of the world. Head to Beqa for amazing shark diving.


Stradbroke Island - Manta Lodge
Lady Musgrave Experience
South West Rocks Dive Centre
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions
Huskisson Bayside Resort and Dive Jervis Bay
MV Odyssey - Rowley Shoals
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